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We are growing very fast

 Since the founding of our company in 2006, its turnover in the production of iron construction and corrosion protection has increased at a more convincing pace, which in 2009 was 54 million HUF, in 2017 at 673 million HUF, in 2020 at 673 million HUF, im Jahr 2019 fast 1.9 Billion HUF, im Jahr 2022 erreichte unseres Unternehmen 2.2 Billion HUF. 

All our resources are given

Our headquarters covers an area of more than 10 hectares and we employ almost 90 people who are required for the technologies used with this machine park. In accordance with our plans, we also put our fully automatic powder coating system into operation this year 

There is no doubt about the quality  

The quality we offer you is confirmed by certificates issued by internationally recognized organizations such as TÜV Rheinland, Dun & Bradstreet or Bureau Veritas 





With water-based industrial vacuum cleaners, high pressure washers operating at 600 and 2500 Bar pressure, a fleet of 1 m3 plastic tanks for the storage and transport of hazardous materials, as well as the fresh air devices required for boarding, chemical protective clothing – and of course the expertise required for all of this, you cannot present us with a challenge that we would not be able to comply. 

What’s more: you don’t have to worry about the periodic inspection of your tanks, the Hungarian representation of our contractual partner Bureau Veritas, based in France, certifies you that our work has been carried out in full.  

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You can trust us with the production of chemical tanks, the repair and conversion of iron structures of road and railway tank wagons. We also have all the rights to manufacture, repair, inspect, as well as install and clean your tanks for storing dangerous liquids – and this, to put it mildly, cannot be said about all our competitors

We make moving the containers problem-free with a 5-ton bridge crane, a 5-ton chain hoist, a 3-ton forklift, and a scaffolding system.  

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We have gained a very wide range of experience and extremely deep professional knowledge
in the rubberization of chemical industry tanks
over the past years, thanks to the fact that our principals who play a leading role in the European and even the world market – for example the Swiss-based Ermewa Group or the French Atir-Rail S.A. – all thanks to the number of orders that exceed our expectations and continue to grow 

We are happy to put all this professional knowledge at your service, and we believe that we will honor your honorable trust with impeccable work in every respect.  

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Speed requires high performance, quality requires precise control. Well, we use very high-performance paint spraying equipment, and then we check the appropriate quality with layer thickness measuring instruments. What else do you need 

Well, as a matter of fact, there is something else important here: Professional surface preparation is essential for the professional quality of painting. In most cases, we do this by deploying our fleet of sandblasting machines, which is also very significant in terms of the market. Where this is not possible, high-performance gasoline engine and electric screw compressors are used 


Yes. The line we built by December 31, 2021 would be 100,000 meters long if we had commissioned it along a single straight line. In addition, we can also help you with the construction of plastic and steel pipe systems. The figures also show that we were involved in the construction of the metal piping system not only to a chemical plant, both in plastic and in sizes NA 15-NA 315. But you can count on our expertise and our routine in the construction of all types of pipes, Carbon steel, acid-resistant aluminum and plastic piping and piping systems found in the industry

csoszereles 2


… and for our machinepark:

Water-cooled CO welding machinesWater-cooled TIG welding machines • Pipe end processing machinesColumn drilling machinesMagnetic base drilling machines • Plasma cutting machines • Cutting machines • Hand tools • Rothenberger plastic welding machines
Casing welding machines up to Ø160 • Butt welding machines up to Ø 320

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A worldwide leading company in the freight and intermodal leasing branch for railway vehicles and tank containersoffers safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions and is specialized in planning, optimization, financing and management of strategic global supply chain resources.  


ATIR-RAIL was founded in 2003 and is an independent company that specializes in the management and rental of goods vehicles and has more than 30 years of experience in France and abroad. More than half of the turnover is achieved abroad 

VTG operates the largest private freight wagon fleet in Europe and is a strong player in the transport sector with comprehensive rental, logistics and digital solutions.  

The world’s leading provider of railcar leasing and service to customers throughout North America, Europe and India. Through TRIFLEET, we own, lease and manage a global fleet of tank containers. Together with Rolls-Royce PLC, we also have one of the world’s largest aircraft replacement engine leasing portfolios 

Today, HOYER is one of the most successful global providers of comprehensive logistics solutions for the chemical, petroleum, gas and food industries. In 1946 the company was founded as “Bruno Hoyer Internationale Fachspedition” in Hamburg, where our headquarters are still located today. The strategic course continues to be set there. We also have representative offices worldwide, including in Houston, Rotterdam, Shanghai and São Paulo.  

In your power plants you produce district heating for around 140,000 households and also produce electricity for the national system. All of this is done in an urban environment using cogeneration, which, due to its approx. 84% efficiency 


As a leading chemical trader in Central and Eastern Europe, it supports its customers in maximizing their success with the wide range, quality and sensitivity of their servicesfrom the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, from leading suppliers, with controlled quality management systems.  


BorsodChem is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of plastic raw materials and inorganic chemicals. Most of your products are sold in Europe, but you are also present in the markets of North and South America, Africa and the Middle and Far East.  

Market-leading manufacturer of room-heated evaporators.

Heinzler is not only a strong partner in all classic areas of modern mechanical engineering, but also as the right address in the areas of overhead line construction, series production and antenna technology. As a provider of mechanical engineering and contract manufacturing, we offer you the development and production of products made from all materials such as sheet metal, steel, lead and more.

Cryonorm Systems, a division of the Cryonorm Group, is a specialist in turnkey small and mediumsized LNG systems.

The one we are most proud of  

Every order is an honor for us, every customer makes our company more and more valuable.

However, there are some of them for whom this is particularly true… 



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