We have a complete fleet of machines for the technologies represented by our company. Among other things, our work is supported by high-performance forklifts, Manitou forklifts, JCB work machines, railway tank car group lifts, 5-ton bridge cranes, 5-ton chain hoists and a scaffolding system. In our technology department, we have the most modern Kemppi welding machines, edge bending machine, Bernardo HPS60 punching and cutting machine, Fein magnetic drilling machines, Rothenberger welding machines and tools, electric pipe bending machine and we could list more. They supported the work of our excellent machinists, locksmiths, machine locksmiths, forklift operators, isometric pipe fitters, heavy machine operators, welders, plastic welders, warehouse workers, painters, and last but not least, rubber coating specialists. Our current staff is approx. 90 people. At our site, we have all the raw materials necessary for our work in our excellent warehouse supported by our own procurement.